Morzine   is   really   easy   to   get   to   and   offers   one   of   the   shortest   ski   transfer   times   from   Geneva   airport   - Geneva is just 70kms away and the journey can take less than 80 minutes. Flights   -   You’ll   need   to   book   these   yourself   but   luckily   Geneva   airport   is   very   well-served   and   can   be   accessed during   the   winter   from   a   very   large   selection   of   UK   and   European   airports.   Please   ensure   you   have   a   confirmed booking with us before booking flights to be certain we still have availability for your chosen dates. Airport   transfers   -   As   we   also   own   and   run   one   of   the largest    airport    transfer    companies    in    the    Alps    -    Action Transfers   -   we   will   be   delighted   to   arrange   your   airport transfers   for   you.   Once   you   have   made   your   booking,   you will    recieve    a    discount    code    to    be    used    on    the    Action Transfers   website   giving   you   the   best   rates   possible   for   your group.   These   prices   will   be   much   lower   than   advertised prices   and   will   be   a   guaranteed   door-to-door   service.   This service is available from Geneva airport only. Car-hire   -   Remember   when   renting   a   car   that   Geneva   has both   a   French   and   a   Swiss   terminal   and   you   are   able   to   hire a   car   from   either.   With   t he   Swiss   vehicles,   Swiss   motorway tax   is   included   and   they   are   often   better   equipped   with   snow   tyres   and   chains,   but   they   are   usually   a   bit   more expensive.   The   cars   on   the   French   side   are   cheaper   but   you   may   have   to   pay   extra   for   chains   and   you   won’t   be able to use the Swiss motorway unless you purchase the motorway tax at the border for 40CHF. Self-drive   -   For   those   who   prefer   the   drive   out   to   the   mountains,   the   journey   time   from   Calais   is   around   9   hours and   we   are   happy   to   advise   you   on   the   best   route   and   provide   sat   nav   co-ordinates   for   the   chalets   if   required.   For those   of   you   who   haven’t   driven   in   the   mountains   before,   it’s   easy   to   get   the   hang   of   but   please   be   aware   that   in winter   you   will   be   legally   required    to   have   either   winter   tyres   and   snow   chains   with   you   at   all   times.   There   is plenty of parking available at the chalets. Slopes   transfers   -   We   are   situated   only   700m   from   Prodains   telepherique   and   are   on   the   ski-bus   route   from Morzine   up   to   the   Prodains   Express   lift.   However   to   ensure   that   you   beat   any   queues   and   to   save   you   the   walk, we   also   offer   morning   and   evening   slopes   transfers   to   the   Prodains   lift    in   our   own   minibus   between   the   hours   of 08.30-10.00   in   the   morning   and   16.00-18.00   in   the   evening.   Should   you   wish   to   ski   from   other   access   points   such as   Pleney   or   Nyon,   you   can   catch   the   free   ski   buses   which   stop   about   250m   from   the   chalets   around   every   10 minutes between the hours of 09.00-18.00 and around every 40 minutes between 18.00-21.00. Evening   cabs   -   The   chalet   is   well-situated   for   après-ski   with   several   bars   and   restaurants   within   stumbling distance,   however   should   you   wish   to   hit   the   wider   Morzine   scene,   you   can   either   catch   the   free   buses   which   run every   40   minutes   in   the   evenings   up   to   21.00   or   you   can   book   a   cab   service   back   to   the   chalet   for   later   on   (Cabs must be pre-booked and cost 20-25 euros each way for up to 8 people). Food and drink    Chalet Service    Children    Extras    FAQs