Transport Are your airport transfers private? This   will   depend   on   what   kind   of   transfer   you   book   and   the   size   of   the   group   you   are   travelling   with.   Check   out the actiontransfers website for more details. How flexible are your slopes runs? We   have   a   minibus   dedicated   to   our   2   chalets   and   therefore   offer   a   slopes   run   service   between   08.30-10.00   in   the morning   and   between   16.00-18.00   in   the   evening   to   the   Prodains   Express   lift.      This   journey   is   only   a   minute   or less,   so   we   can   get   everyone   up   to   the   slopes   within   a   short   space   of   time.   Should   you   wish   to   leave   or   return   to the   chalet   outside   of   these   times,   we   are   located   on   the   free   ski   bus   route   and   the   stop   is   within   250m   of   the   chalet. Buses run every 10 minutes throughout the day 09.00-18.00 and every 40 minutes or so between 18.00-21.00. If   you   wish   to   ski   from   a   location   other   than   Prodains,   you   can   catch   the   free   ski   buses   into   Morzine   which   are usually much quieter first thing in the morning than those going up to Prodains. Should   you   need   slopes   runs   to   an   alternative   location,   please   discuss   this   with   us   before   your   arrival   at   the   chalet -   this   will   need   to   be   booked   with   a   taxi   company   at   additional   cost,   as   our   own   minibus   can   only   operate   to Prodains due to being shared between the chalets.  What about going into Morzine in the evening? You   can   either   choose   to   hop   on   the   free   bus   which   runs   up   to   21.00   or   we   can   book   an   evening   taxi   service   into Morzine   from   €20   each   way   for   up   to   8   people.   Please   note:   These   taxis   need   to   be   booked   in   advance   to   ensure   a driver is available (just ask your chalet hosts to book these for you). Is there parking at the chalets? Yes both chalets have sufficient parking available. Location Where in Morzine are you based? We   are   based   in   a   beautiful   area   on   the   edge   of   Morzine   called   Les   Prodains,   under   a   minute’s   drive   from   the   new Prodains   Express   telepherique.   We   are   not   located   in   the   town-centre,   however   we   are   located   directly   on   the   free bus route which goes both up to the Prodains lift and down into Morzine so getting around couldn’t be easier! How close is the nearest bar? We are a mere 500m from the nearest bars and restaurants…an easy post-beer meander! The chalets What time can we arrive at/depart the chalet? We   are   flexible   on   arrival   and   departure   times   at   the   chalet   to   allow   you   to   take   advantage   of   the   cheapest   flights and   get   the   maximum   amount   of   time   on   the   slopes,   however   individual   rooms   are   not   available   until   16.00   on your   arrival   day   (unless   they’re   ready   earlier)   and   we   do   ask   that   rooms   are   vacated   by   10.00   on   your   departure day.      In   addition,   on   busy   changeover   days   we   ask   that   you   do   vacate   the   chalet   (and   spend   time   on   the   slopes/   go into   Morzine   etc.)   to   allow   chalet   hosts   to   carry   on   their   cleaning   duties   to   the   highest   standards.   We   can   provide storage for your baggage if necessary. Do I have to book the whole chalet? Slate Valley Lodge - we are happy to accept bookings of any size and duration in this larger property. Chalet   des   Glacons   -   we   are   happy   to   accept   bookings   for   any   group   size   in   this   chalet   but   are   currently   only taking full-week bookings. Do you offer short breaks? Yes    we    do    -    We    offer    3    or    4    night    short    breaks    in    Slate    Valley    Lodge    running    either    from    Sunday- Wednesday/Thursday   or   from   Wednesday/Thursday   to   Sunday.   Short   breaks   starting   on   a   Sunday   are   usually cheaper   as   they   tend   to   be   less   popular   and   also   because   Tuesday   is   the   chalet   day   off,   therefore   less   evening   meals are included in the price. Is there a supplement for single travellers? No,   but   we   do   expect   individuals   booking   as   part   of   groups   to   share   rooms.   However   we   don’t   penalise   groups   with odd numbers or individuals travelling alone! Is there a discount for children? We   offer   the   following   child   discounts:   20%   when   sharing   a   room   with   parents   or   10%   in   their   own   rooms.   This does not apply to full chalet bookings which have already been discounted. Food Do you employ qualified chefs? While   our   chalet   hosts   are   not   qualified   chefs,   we   only   employ   individuals   who   are   confident   in   the   kitchen   and who   have   a   real   passion   for   food.   We   (and   our   previous   clients!)   think   that   the   standard   of   food   is   well   above   that of   a   usual   chalet.   We   use   fresh,   not   frozen,   ingredients   wherever   possible   and   offer   delicious   home-made   sauces and   chutneys.   Our   cakes   are   famous   for   being   varied   and   delicious   and   our   hearty   main   meals   ensure   no-one   ever goes hungry. Can you cater to specific dietary requirements? Yes!   We   can   provide   vegetarian   options   and   cater   to   different   food   allergies   -   we   just   ask   that   you   provide   us   with full details upon booking so we can contact you to discuss your requirements further. The resort What’s the après ski like in Morzine? It seems like each week another bar or restaurant in Morzine undergoes a face-lift! Popular   après   bar   choices   with   locals   and   visitors   include:   La   Kinkerne   (only   500m   walk   from   the   chalet!),   Bar Robinson   (known   as   Robbos   -   mega   popular   from   16.00   but   open   for   apr è s   only   as   it   closes   at   20.00!),   The   Bec Jaune   micro-brewery   (great   food   and   beers),   Café   Chaud,   the   Tibetan   Café,   Dixie   Bar,   the   Cavern,   Chez   Roger,   Le Crepu   and   Le   Coup   de   Coeur   wine   bar   (a   more   relaxed   vibe).   Morzine   also   has   2   night-clubs:   L’Opera   which   is   open til 05.00 and Le Paradis (the retro option!) which is open from 23.00-late. Recommended restaurants include: La Chaudanne, Le Clin d’Oeil, L’Etale, La Grange and La Rotonde! What other activities are available in the area? Morzine   is   a   fantastic   little   town   with   lots   going   on   year-round.   Please   see   our   resort   page   for   more   details   on non-ski related activities in the area. What’s the snow record like in the Portes du Soleil? The   snow   record   for   the   area   is   very   good,   but   like   any   resort   the   weather   can   vary.   The   2017/18   season   has   seen record   snowfall   with   a   base   of   over   5m   at   the   top   of   Avoriaz!   The   majority   of   our   guests   ski   in   Avoriaz   which   is very   snow-sure   as   it   starts   at   1700m   and   has   always   been   open   from   mid-Dec   to   late   April   every   season   for   the last   15   years   that   we   have   skied   the   area.   There   is   also   a   massive   (and   ever-growing)   network   of   snow   cannons which work to build a deep base and ensure that snow cover remains good until late spring! Action Mountain How long have you been operating? We   started   up   our   chalet   company   in   winter   2004-5   and   have   been   here   ever   since.      We   ran   a   number   of   chalets in   the   nearby   ski   village   of   St   Jean   D’Aulps   (and   a   bar   restaurant!)   for   10   years   before   taking   a   break   for   2   years   to focus   on   our   young   twins   who   are   now   6   and   fully   settled   into   the   local   school!   In   2016   we   returned   to   our   original passion of running catered chalet holidays with our 2 fantastic catered chalets in Morzine! Food and drink    Transport    Chalet Service    Children    Extras