There’s   no   better   way   to   spend   an   evening   than   sat   around   a   full   table,   eating   yummy   food,   drinking wine and comparing stories of the days events! We   love   food   -   both   cooking   and   eating   -   and   we   expect   the   same   from   our   chalet   hosts.   Therefore   we   only   employ hosts who have a real passion for good food and who are confident in cooking and serving meals to large groups. Breakfast   -   We   start   the   day   with   a   help-yourself   buffet   including fresh   bread,   freshly   baked   croissants   or   pain   au   chocolats,   a   selection of   cereals,   juice,   fruit   and   yoghurts,    plus   a   cooked   option    such   as scrambled   eggs   and   bacon   on   muffins   or   waffles   with   berries   and syrup. Lunch    -    Dine    out    at    one    of    the    numerous    excellent    on-piste restaurants   (we’re   happy   to   recommend   our   favourites!)…just   don’t   eat too much or you won’t have room for tea and cake! Time   for   tea!   -   Upon   your   return   from   a   tiring   day   on   the   slopes   we will   serve   you   with   a   steaming-hot   choice   of   tea,   coffee   or   hot chocolate,   accompanied   by   delicious   home-made   cakes   or   biscuits.   It’s time   to   catch-up   on   the   days   events   with   our   friendly   hosts   and   other guests,   perhaps   before   hitting   the   hot-tub   for   a   well-deserved   chill- out! Dinner   -   We   serve   a   hearty   home-cooked   3-course   meal   each   evening including   a   starter,   main   and   dessert   and   don’t   forget   our   delicious selection   of   wine,   tea   and   coffee   are   also   included   with   your   meal. Previous    Action    Mountain    dinner    favourites    have    included    herb- studded   roast   loin   of   pork   with   an   apple   and   cider   gravy,   served   with parmesan-roast   potatoes,   honey-glazed   carrots   and   braised   cabbage with   bacon   and   onions;   Moroccan   lamb   with   harissa   cous   cous   and steamed   broccoli;   and   beef   and   ale   pie   with   cheese   and   leek   mash   and buttered   legumes.   Each   year   we   look   to   improve   and   bring   you   more exciting dishes! Honesty   bar   -   Of   course,   you   may   wish   for   a   little   something extra…perhaps   a   tasty   vin   chaud,   a   few   beers   before   dinner   or   a quick   chocolate   fix   post   hot-tub.   Therefore   we   also   offer   a selection   of   drinks   and   snacks   in   our   honesty   bar   which   is   kept well-stocked throughout the week by your hosts. Children   -   We   know   through   personal   experience   that   little people   can   be   hard   to   please   when   it   comes   to   food   and   drink and   that   every   child   is   different   with   regards   to   when   and   what they   will   eat.   Therefore   we   are   happy   to   adjust   kid’s   dinner timings   and   meals   to   whatever   suits   them   (and   you!)   best.   We can   provide   earlier   children’s   dinners   from   our   children’s   menu or    they    can    eat    smaller    portions    of    the    main    dinner    with you…just tell us what works! Specific   dietary   requirements   -   we   will   happily   meet   any   specific   dietary   requirements   you   may   have   (especially with   regards   to   any   food   allergies)   -   just   please   let   us   know   when   booking   so   we   are   able   to   work   with   our   chalet hosts   to   prepare   alternatives   for   you.   In   past   seasons   we   have   catered   for   many   vegans,   vegetarians,   pescatarians as well as those following a gluten, nut or dairy free diet so please just ask if you require any further details! Transport    Chalet Service    Children    Extras    FAQs
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